In-House Diagnostics for Dogs and Cats in Manassas, VA

Making sure your pet receives the very best care at our hospital means using state-of-the-art diagnostics to more thoroughly evaluate their health. The physical exam limits us to what we can see on the outside, but with our in-house laboratory and digital X-ray equipment, we can also determine what’s happening on the inside. These tools help us bring to light issues that are a) subtle and hard to detect, and b) being concealed by pets who, by nature, try not to show signs of illness, pain, and weakness. Fortunately, we have the ability to learn more about your pet’s condition and offer better-informed treatment plans to improve their health.

dog being held at vet

Why are Laboratory Tests Important?

Why are Laboratory Tests  Important?

Whether your pet is healthy or under the weather, checking blood and stool samples can give us important information about their condition. The testing we recommend for your pet depends on what we’re looking for. Are we screening for parasites? Evaluating their blood? Checking their liver and kidney function? Lab testing has many uses and in addition to using our in-house lab for same-day test results, we also work with an external lab for more complex and comprehensive testing, which usually takes about 24 hours to process.

Laboratory tests give us insight into your pet’s internal systems and functions, and can help us detect issues that might otherwise be overlooked. It’s important that we leave no stone unturned regarding your pet’s health and treatment.

Achieving Better Visuals with Digital X-ray

Digital X-ray allows for better diagnosing thanks to the enhanced clarity of the images it produces. In addition, digital X-ray procedures go much more quickly—no need to worry about film developing fluid, placing film in trays in pitch darkness, or having to reposition our patients for a better picture. X-ray is a reliable tool for diagnosing broken bones, foreign bodies, heart and lung issues, and, occasionally, tumors. And if necessary, we can send your pet’s X-ray image files out to specialists for additional review and a more complete and accurate diagnosis.