End of Life Care for Dogs and Cats in Manassas, VA

We're pleased to be able to provide humane euthanasia to make end of life care for dogs and cats easier. Euthanasia can be a difficult subject to discuss on the best of days, yet we aim to make it as dignified and stress-free as possible for pets and their families. It's important to understand that euthanasia is a compassionate and gentle way to end the suffering of a beloved pet whose condition can no longer be improved.

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Is your pet in need of end of life care? Call (703) 361-5223 so we can discuss your options.

Is your pet in need of end of life care? Call <span class="phonewrap "><a href="tel:7033615223" class="phonelink" onclick="ga('itpcga.send', 'event', 'call', 'call', 'Site Default');">(703) 361-5223</a></span> so we can discuss your options.
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Aftercare Options for Your Pet

Aftercare Options for Your Pet

We partner with a local crematory to provide the appropriate aftercare services for pet families. Since pet euthanasia is a very emotional time for the family members involved, we recommend making aftercare arrangements before your pet's euthanasia appointment.

Aftercare options available include:

  • Take home (no cremation): An option for families who choose to have a private home burial.
  • Communal cremation: For families that do not wish to take home their pet's ashes, but instead opt to have them cremated with other loving pets.
  • Private cremation: For families who would like to take home their pet's ashes in an urn customized with their name.


Is Euthanasia Painful for Dogs and Cats?

Cat and dog euthanasia procedures are painless. Our veterinary team takes every precaution to ensure that your pet feels safe, relaxed, and completely pain-free. Before administering the euthanasia injection, we first administer sedation to put your pet into a deep sleep, so they will not feel any discomfort or stress. Giving pets the peaceful passing they deserve can also go a long way toward putting their human family members at ease.

Feel free to call our hospital at (703) 361-5223 if you need to make end of life care arrangements for your cherished pet. We're here for you.

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