Wellness Exams for Dogs and Cats in Manassas, VA

When we see your dog or cat regularly for checkups, we quickly become invested in keeping them healthy for as long as possible. Like you, we want your pet to thrive and spend many years with you and your family.

At Prince William Animal Hospital, we recommend annual exams for healthy adult pets, and semiannual (every 6 months) exams for dogs and cats over 7 years old and younger pets with chronic health conditions. These routine exams help us ensure that your pet is in the best shape they can be, and also give us an opportunity to check for issues and offer treatment solutions.

cat and dog wellness exams in manassas, va

We’re just as passionate as you are about keeping your pet healthy and happy.

We’re just as passionate as you are about  keeping your pet healthy and happy.

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What Exams Involve for Dogs and Cats

What Exams Involve for Dogs and Cats

Your pet’s health is an ever-changing thing, just like yours. Care that serves them well in their youth may not be ideal for their health when they become an adult. To keep track of these changes and maintain your pet’s good health and quality of life at every stage, we recommend:

During the physical, we examine your pet from head to toe for anything out of the ordinary. We start by checking their weight, temperature, lungs, and heart, then check their eyes, ears, nose, teeth, extremities, and everything in between.

A physical exam only gives us so much information about your pet. With blood and fecal testing, we can see what’s going on internally. Lab work will show us if your companion has any parasites or some other underlying condition that needs to be treated.

Our animal hospital carries every vaccine your dog or cat could possibly need during their lifetime. However, we tailor every pet’s vaccinations according to their lifestyle and disease risks. While we do offer essential 1-year and 3-year vaccines to protect pets against rabies and distemper, we also offer non-essential vaccines that we may or may not recommend for your pet based on their needs.

Fleas, ticks, heartworms, and intestinal worms are a universal threat to dogs and cats. We are also seeing an increase in Giardia cases in the area. Giardia is a microscopic parasite that lives in the intestine. Keeping your pet on flea, tick, and heartworm prevention year-round will give them the best protection against both parasites and parasite-transmitted diseases.

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The Importance of Senior Pet Exams

Senior dogs and cats may not be as active as they used to be, but they still have important health needs that must be met. As our beloved pets get older, they become more likely to develop conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and even cancer.

To give your companion the best quality of life, we recommend seeing them every 6 months for a health evaluation and any other tests and treatments they require. This might include chest X-rays, blood glucose testing, insulin injections, or the administration of fluids.

Stay in touch with us and let us know if your cherished senior pet needs additional care to enjoy their golden years in comfort.

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